Business BootStrapping Tips – 13. Hosting 101

Business BootStrapping Tips – 13. Hosting 101

Business BootStrapping Tips – 13. Hosting 101

This article originally appeared in issue 213 of .net magazine – the world’s
best-selling magazine for web designers and developers.

Hosting on the cheap

Even when you don’t have a small fortune to spend on hosting websites you’ve designed,
there are quality options to consider

Although Alec East rightly warns that “you really can’t cut corners on hosting,”
meaning you should avoid the absolute cheapest options in favor of hosts that
offer a good combination of price and quality. This is what a number of designers
reckon you receive with Dreamhost. “You get shared hosting at $8.85 per month for
unlimited everything and they have SVN,” enthuses Mark Eagleton, developer for ground(ctrl).

Meanwhile Dan Michaelson is a fan of “no-frills VPS provider” Slicehost (from $20 per month),
arguing that the company is easier to use than more full-service providers
“because you get just the options you really need in the dashboard”.

If you’re really tight for cash, though, you can host for less.
gives you a blog, you can point a domain at, and Aral Balkan notes that
if you’re desperate, you can even use Dropbox to serve a static site:
“Put it in the Public folder, copy the URL to it, and, if you like,
forward your domain to it”. Also investigate Amazon’s Web Services,
such as Simple Storage (S3).

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