Business BootStrapping Tips – 12. Feedback 101

Business BootStrapping Tips – 12. Feedback 101

Business BootStrapping Tips – 12. Feedback 101

This article originally appeared in issue 213 of .net magazine – the world’s
best-selling magazine for web designers and developers.

Affordable tools for getting feedback

Whether you’re wanting feedback about a website you’re working on from a client,
strangers or your peers, there’s a service that can help

Here, we’re looking at tools for getting feedback regarding a website.
Clearly, there’s some crossover with usability testing, so Silverback gets another nod,
but there are plenty of other tools available that can provide you with feedback on your designs.

Metakinetic senior designer Dan Ruffle ( isn’t alone in
being a big fan of Five Second Test (from free), saying it’s “great for
getting quick feedback from strangers regarding the first-sight impact of your designs”.
He also recommends Get Signoff (from $10 per month) as a means of getting
client feedback and viewing design revisions. Apollo (free) and Notable (from free)
also provide the means to get feedback on design, content and code on any page of a website.

For some people, feedback means ‘peer review’. Concept Feedback has a community
section where designers share constructive feedback. To post your own work,
you simply have to review five other concepts. Elsewhere, Dribbble remains popular
with high-profile designers, since it provides a handy show-and-tell for nuggets
of graphic design. (Note that Dribbble participation is on several levels –
you begin as a ‘spectator’ and can be ‘drafted’ by a member.)

MericanMade founder Dann Petty ( is a big fan, and adds that
Forrst is a similar site for developers (and is also invite-only).

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