Primary Considerations of Web User Experience

Primary Considerations of Web User Experience

The ideal user experience is constantly fluctuating because technology and culture continue to change. Here are some fundamental concerns to focus on:

    • Structured content

This simply refers to the content organization without any styling or scripting. Normal page flow with semantic code is synonymous with structured content.

    • Presentation

Consider the aesthetic and functional goals with respect to the user.

    • Behavior

Does the website degrade gracefully? The user/client may not have flash support or an old flash plugin. Did the user disable JavaScript? What if the browser hasn’t been updated?
How does the website deal with inconsistent user/client use cases?

    • Purpose

What is the intended use for the site? Are we facilitating that objective?

    • Interaction

How do we believe people interact with the site?
Is our believe the reality?

    • Circumstances

What context is the page being used in?
Is the user sitting down at home while using the site?
Are they driving while using the site?
Most people actually use their ‘mobile’ device at home and/or while remaining stationary.

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